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Deaths and serious injuries on roads cause horrendous suffering every day. These needless casualties are sudden, violent, man-made, and result in devastation for the bereaved and injured victims. Yet these families remain the forgotten victims. They desperately need comprehensive support, guidance and information, but often they don’t get it.

Victims of burglary automatically receive an offer of face-to-face support, through a service funded by government. Road crash victims, whose loved ones have been violently killed, or who have suffered appalling life-changing injuries, do not. Brake supports bereaved and seriously injured crash victims through a national helpline and packs, part-funded by government. But this remains a grossly under-funded area, with many unable to access a clear pathway of support. Brake urges the government to rectify this, by funding comprehensive, specialist support, automatically offered to all families bereaved and seriously injured by crashes.

You can help – write to your MP asking them to support our forgotten victims campaign.

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